IPv6 Is Not Ready For DDoS Attacks

by Toan T
This article talks about how internet users that are on IPv6 is more susceptible of DDoS attacks than people that are on IPv4. Studies have shown that hackers have set their sights on IPv6 after the first incident that has happened on the new network. However, there are really no defense to these attacks because the technology is quite new and if an attack is executed, network administrators will have their hands tied together without knowing what to do. About 21% of users that are on IPv6 reported that they didn’t even know that they were possible victims of such attack. The best solution to combat DDoS at this moment is to have the networks not exist at all which certain will not happen since there is money on the line. With more IPv6 networks being deployed down the road, it is unknown whether if there is any solution that to prevent such type of incident from happening in the near future.

After reading the article, I guess it is expected for IPv6 to be more vulnerable since it is a new technology and is still improving. Same with every drawbacks of new technology, people are too interested in the different incentives that IPv6 provides so they jump the gun without thinking about other vulnerabilities that it has. It will be interesting to see how IPv6 will evolve over the year and whether will it be as secure as IPv6. With more people migrating over, I am looking for to see what IPv6 will have in store for us.

Shankland, S. (2012, February 15). DDoS attacks spread to vulnerable IPv6 Internet. CNET News. Retrieved April 16, 2012, from http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-57378307-264/ddos-attacks-spread-to-vulnerable-ipv6-internet/


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  1. Just like with most new products or even highly anticipated software people will try to exploit it and find a way to benefit themselves and the implementation of IPv6 is no different. But to think that it should be pulled from use just because people are trying to break it is absurd. This is definitely something to be concerned about and trying to make IPv6 more secure than it currently is should be priority number 1.

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