JQuery its 6th year on the web

by Bernard T
The articles I read had to do with how Ajax, through JQuery has been changing user experiences by offering responsiveness beyond what was only seen on most desktop machines. Before Ajax came along, it took numerous lines of JavaScript code to do what a few lines of JQuery can do. Ajax has been used by popular online companies like Google who uses it for applications such as Gmail and GoogleDocs just to name a few, JQuery offers a fast and lightweight structure that helps make it easier for the user to add amazing content to their site. According to the article, which showed examples of how jQuery handled JavaScript animations along with other capabilities, its latest incarnation “boasts some impressive speed gains and represents a ground up refactoring of much of much of JQuery’s underlying code.” This meant that this new version would be faster across different platforms and reduces much of the un-needed repetitiveness of JQuery’s internal functions. New functions also include support for some of HTML5’s abilities to test for certain rendering engines and per-property easing in animations.

After reading this articles and others like it I am now learning more of how JQuery is making programming code a lot easier for developers and casual users alike. Many people on the web testify to the fact that thanks to JQuery what used to take multiple lines of codes just takes basically just one or two now.

I like learning about the history of the programs that are so readily available to us these days. This is only going to improve I believe but as history shows, The more things change the more it stays the same. So I believe that even though most of the programming is getting easier, the demand for better websites will make it even more complicated. Nothing is ever that easy and you don’t get anything for free so even though JQuery offers a way for users to write less code there is always a catch. What that catch is, I’m not too sure of yet, but like the title says, JQuery has been here for 6 years and its only going to get better(or more complicated?)


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  • May 7, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    Having done an article involving jQuery this week as well, I was also happy surprised to find that it has become easier and easier over time. I’m glad you mentioned this in your article as I find it a very valid, and enlightening, point about the future of programming. Where is it going??

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