Just another Storage Service!

by Kaushal S
As world has evolved doing things differently from last decade so has digital era and with that we have all amend our ways to stay at the same pace with changing technology. This article talks about amazon releasing desktop app for cloud storage service. Amazon recently released a very similar cloud service like Google derive, Dropbox, Skydrive, etc. It also talks about the ways and features on how one can transfer files by only hovering the selected file on the icon. Even though it is a desktop app, it still requires web connection in order to upload or download a file. This new software makes saving information very easy but on the other hand prices are not so affordable for example for a 20 GB they would charge for monthly prices which are similar for other websites but for 1TB would cost $1000 a year where Google charges for 1TB its $49.99/month which is cheaper than what one would pay at Amazon.
I think that as technology is changing it is getting little harder to decide which software one should go for in order to satisfy all the needs which is affordable in the long term. I think that everyone should research before signing up for which fits best to their needs.

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