Megaupload Not Secure Enough{5}

For this weeks blog I chose to read an article called “Meagaupload Is Dead. Long Live Mega!” by Charles Graeber. The article talks about Kim Dotcom who was recently indicted by the U.S government for conspiracy and briefly thrown in jail and his partners in the digital storage locker Megaupload have no intentions of quitting. Instead they have decided to introduce a new technology later this year that will again allow users to share and upload big data files however by different rules. It is a subscriber-based cloud system that allows users to upload, access and store huge data files on their databases; however this time each file will be encrypted and the user will be sent a unique for the files decryption. The point of this is to put any liabilities of stolen or illegal documents, videos, music etc. in the hands of the users that uploaded them. The article continues on about how the company Mega will not have any means of decrypting the files so that they cannot be responsible by them.

We have not talked to much about ethical issues and databases in class however when I saw the title I was intrigued because it was obviously about some kind of file uploader, or cloud based storage system. It turns out that is exactly what it is about and it turned out to be a very interesting article because it briefly covers the legal and ethical issues that came of Megaupload due to the fact that they were able to see what was uploaded to their databases. I think that every database should be encrypted to allow only the users that are granted permission, to access the files, however there should be somebody or sometype of program overseeing the databases that can check for illegal files. I hope that later in the class we will talk about securing databases.

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