Microsoft SQL Azure deployment tool{Comments Off on Microsoft SQL Azure deployment tool}

by David G

Microsoft has decided to update and seamlessly integrate it’s cloud based software named SQL Azure and their famous SQL server software. Microsoft has named this Juneao and it is a Visual Studio plugin that can combine cloud offerings and make it easier for Visual Studio users. It has all the makings of a cloud dominating application since they already have Visual Studio and SQL server dominance with most developers. This is an easy opportunity for Microsoft to take dominance of the cloud computing market and prevail as the top dog. It is however noted that microsoft has a knack for screwing unveilings up and launching products prematurely. They always have people with negative feedback towards their product and software releases. But nonetheless it is showing how Microsoft is jumping the gun and trying to offer this SQL server in the cloud and as a service. Microsoft is at least leading pushing the envelope on cloud computing.


I am personally not one who cares much for SQL server but I know it’s importance in the business world. I am personally more interested in seeing Microsoft Office in the cloud with their Office 365 service. It is something very neat to have software on your computer without ever needing to install it. Pretty soon we won’t care how much hard disk space we have because everything can be in the cloud and with bandwidth improving everything can stream and be accessed just as fast.

I also know that SQL server is one of the most dominant business applications so to offer this to developers is like another tool. Think of remotely working on a public computer instead of a company computer and a company that has to constantly by new updated software and install it on each computer. With this you go to the site and it is always updated. It is cool and hopefully Microsoft doesn’t screw it up too much with bugs or glitches.


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