MS Windows Azure Cloud Platform{Comments Off on MS Windows Azure Cloud Platform}

by Nelson T
In a peer reviewed article on the Faulkner Information services, the author Brady Hicks talks about Microsofts Cloud Platform Windows Azure. This is Microsoft;s entry into cloud computing and also a platform on a service technology. It became available in 2010 and is stored and run from Microsoft’s datacenters. Technologies in the Azure platform is a relational database¬† that cloud based called SQL Azure and having the os as service. This platform can allow its users to have a scalable enviroment to develop, build, host web applications. Since the platform is web based all this required is an internet connection and browser. It is always on and has openness when it comes to development. Supports multiple programming languages and is flexible.

It’s great to see that Microsoft already has a cloud computing platform already live. With this platform many businesses can adopt it and be able to scale it according thier business needs. As for developers it is also great to see that is very open and allows to develop and host web applications written in multiple programming languages such as Java, C++ and .net just to name a few. Another benefit I see for businesses is the having a cloud based relation database system. Using this, businesses can have easy acess to an SQL database system that its developers dont have to install or manage.


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