MySQL 5.6 Preview{1}

by Nelson T
In an article posted on, they talk about how oracle has opened up and previewed their latest version of MySQL. They say that it has many new features that improve the current database system. it allows for an “improved replication and the ability to bypass the SQL framework for faster data access” (Jackson, 2012). Now MySQL is used by big and popular sites that include Facebook and Twitter. New in version 5.6 is GTIDs which are Global Transactions Identifiers. This makes data easier to track as its repeated through different servers and allows it to switch to a another server in case of failure. Also the speed in which queries are requested are improved and can take multiple queries into one unit of work and is able to deliver the results in the JSON format for integration into web apps. Oracle also previews experimental features that can prove useful for developers. one feature that stands out is an API that “allows applications to directly access data from the core innoDB database engine, rather than going through the SQL-database interface”(Jackson, 2012).  this allows large amounts of data to be accessed. Oracle still hasn’t set a release date for this new software.

This new software shows that developers are going to have a better time developing databases. With the improvements and new features oracles is developing, is making thier MySQL software more faster and easier to use. Eventhough they have some new experimental features that maybe introduced fully in newer versions,  the API that accesses the core database engine shows promise because now that everyone are using the internet, cloud services, etc,. there is higher need to create databases and need to access such databases in higher volumes. With this a developer doesn’t have to rely on different software handle speedier queries and accessing large amounts of data now that the new version of MySQL will handle that in the core application.



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