Netflix Streaming

by Andrew G
 Netflix Streaming

            Netflix is an online rental and streaming company that was first started in 1999 and went public in 2002. Netflix changed the way people rented movies by putting their business as an online movie rental company. They were the first company that ever started renting movies online and since then it’s been a huge success. In 2008 they brought online streaming of movies to the internet. Online Streaming of movies has helped Netflix grow there company to become the leading movie renting and streaming business.

            In 2008 when Netflix first brought online streaming to their customers there were many people who thought it wouldn’t work due to many factors like internet speed and how many movies can possibly be on the streaming library for people to actually stream and see. The best thing about streaming a movie is that it it’s instant and there is no waiting for a movie to arrive to your house or anything of that sort. When you want to watch a movie in the streaming library you just click the movie you want to watch and it loads up and it will be streaming over the internet while you are watching it. This method of movie watching has become the ideal way  to see movies mainly because of the speed factor it creates and the amount of movies that our now available on the streaming library.

            When streaming first got introduced in 2008 the only way to stream movies was over your personal computer. Netflix had to make advancements on how to deliver streaming movies to its customers in different ways. Soon after it introduced the streaming technology in movies Netflix merged with two of the biggest leaders in video console online gaming Microsoft and Sony. Both Microsoft and Sony have video game consoles that have their own internet online environment. Microsoft has the leading online gaming environment known as Xbox Live and Sony also has a huge online environment called play station net. Merging with these companies Netflix put their streaming service to the for front of their priority list. This has expanded the amount of people who now can use Netflix streaming since the gaming community has millions of users who have access now to Netflix.

            Netflix just didn’t stop there with their expansion of bringing their streaming service they also expanded their service into new internet ready televisions. Leading television makers like Samsung now make internet ready televisions that allow you to stream Netflix right to the television set. So people that are interested in buying a new television can now purchase one that has internet built in with the ability to stream through WiFi access.

            The Netflix streaming library is expanding more and more every year. There are over 17,000 titles available right now to stream from movies to your favorite television shows. Streaming is the biggest advantage Netflix has over any video rental competitor in the market today. The ability to have the service ready for you in the comfort of your own living room makes it the ideal movie renting service to have. Streaming movies and television shows has changed the way Netflix has operated as a business. Streaming online has pioneered them to the top of the movie renting companies. Recently Netflix has made a package available for just streaming and for $7.99 a month you can stream all the movies you want. This package should be a huge hit since the amount of customers just like to stream movies now a days and have left the actual disc format behind.  Streaming in the next years should become the dominant format on how movie watching will be done in peoples households. With the amount of people having internet in there households growing streaming will look to overtake actual disk media as the leading movie watching format.

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