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by Abraham L

Outercurve foundation has accepted the WebsitePanel project into their ASP.NET open source gallery. Formerly known as the CodePlex foundations, the organization is a non-profit organization that provides software IP management and project development supervision to other developer organizations. The organization makes it possible for developers to collaboratively work together in open source communities to increase the speed of results. Other projects of the Outercurve foundation include MVC Contrib (implementation of Model-View-Controller, Project Trident, and the ASP.Net Open Source Gallery (Orchard Project, Web Forms MVP, NuGet Project, and the ASP.NET AJAX Library.

Outercurve Foundation Website

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Websitepanel’s main purpose it to aid developers in managing Windows hosting. The project is a user-friendly panel for managing multiple servers, aides in the development of websites, databases, and FTP accounts. Websitepanel is completely open source as opposed the previous commercially released DotNetPanels released in 2006 as Website panel was re-written completely and released in 2010 (under BSD license.) The project is also compatible with several third party products such as web servers, mail servers, DNS servers, database engines, and virtualization technologies.


This is the first time I have ever had heard of the Outercurve Foundation. I’m sure there are those who are out there in the same position as me. This organization is a non-profit organization that hosts open source, meaning the program could be reproduced and altered with the exception of giving credit to the original source. I think that this could provide a great amount of benefit to developer communities everywhere if this was applied to other frameworks such as Java. If such organizations do exist, I figure that much of their community and publicity is more so towards professionals and hardcore developers.

I am not hardcore developer or yet alone a developer. I am a student and I do believe that these could benefit college students by providing a commercial and professional basis to free and open software. If there were more organizations like Outercurve, students wouldn’t have to worry about about the legitimacy of the free and open software they are to study, practice, and develop on. This article struck somewhat funny when the AJAX being talked about in class is the ASP.NET AJAX. This is important to our class because we are using ASP.NET and Visual Studio and ┬áin class I remember talking about AJAX and its significance in interactive web development.


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