Programming Opa: Web development, reimagined{Comments Off on Programming Opa: Web development, reimagined}

by Melinda E
A french company called MLState has realized that there are too many web programming languages that a programmer needs to put together in order to get a site to work. With that comes security issues.  Everytime these communications need to be linked to each other, a hacker can use that moment to interrupt the site. So, MLState invented Opa, an absolutely new programming language that allows you to code an entire site with only that language. The compiler handles all the linking that needs to be done between applications so that way it stays in one place. And when they say it does it all, it really does it all. Opa covers the client, server, and database coding needed for everything. Therefore, you only need to make one executable file.  So if there are no random and scattered HTML and CSS files floating around your web server, there is nothing for  a hacker to manipulate.


This article relates and counteracts all the coding we have been learning in class. Although the article does not say how the coding works, it is probably very similar to everything that already exists, just condensed. I’m sure it has style elements to design your page how you want. But I wonder if it has something to incoporate media well into a webpage. It definitely has database elements, which could possibly take out SQL as a language.  It most likely also has classes just like Javascript for more functionality and interactivity.

I am not sure if they have released this language into the public yet, or have a compiler out for it, but I am wondering when people can start learning it. I think it is a good idea to try and stop hackers but at the same time I know they will find a way around this language as well. A lot of times, the hackers are smarter than the developers and there’s really no stopping them.


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