by Ermie C
There are many things that people have to consider when we deal with the process of SDLC. We understand what it’s like to create a true program, process, etc. We need to know the business rules and find a way to create the best product for our customers. When we talk about SDLC, we need to consider what needs to happen in order to make things go to according to plan. There’s a lot of problems that need to happen in order for us to understand what we need to do to make our client a loyal client. If we have a loyal client then we have a stable basis of what we need to do. SDLC is the most important thing we need to do because it’s what shows us what we truly want. If the way we as developers handle the situations, then we will never understand what we need to do. If we love what we do, then we can do what we do the best. If we don’t have a process of what we need to do, then we are lost in the point of finding ways to do things right. In this article, they mention the architecture and they are risk based cost efficiency, business enabling, adding value, empowering customers, assurance, governance, and compliance. I don’t need to explain any of these, but as developers we know what we need to do. This article explains what we need to do to make things happen for a any customer and we need to follow that process. We are a growing developers and we will never understand the true way to develop things if we forget the steps to crate it..

I liked this article because we’re always looking for short cuts and if we do we forget the importance of the basics. We do a “Waterfall” sdlc in order to follow the fact that we need to understand how to do step by step how to create the perfect product for our customer.

This deals with out class because we are asked to follow a procedure in order to make our product the best. If we start doing what is not right, then we are left with inconsistency and we will be judged as unprofessional. If we don’t do the right procedures, no one and I mean no one will hire us as the guys for the job. I don’t mention the importance of each step because it’s been to repetitive in our education.

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