Smart way to Save{Comments Off on Smart way to Save}

by Kaushal S
Since the dawn of new technology, in storing information known as database has taken organizations into new era in business world. Throughout times companies have always struggle to make their database system as user friendly as possible. When it comes to database people have many presumed notion about database systems with big servers and slow systems, but all that have changed thanks to Oracle’s Database Smart Flash Cache. This system uses Flash technology to speed up the process for processor to read the data. It also provides administrators with the assistance in improving database, cuts down required disk space and saves extra expenses that could be spent on buying RAM. This technology is very cost effective and it allows users to access what they need and saves everything else automatically into disk storage. Its intelligent software allows it to make smart decisions about what data to cache or if it will ever be reused.
I always thought database required huge servers and will use them in future to save information regarding everything an organization might consider important. But now, advancement in technology has given us ways to do it differently in means of cost cutting ways. I never knew that flash cards could be used to save data and could allow us to save more on to it than regular disk space. I also learned that if smart flash cache does crash it won’t crash the database.

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