SQL is Core IT Skill in London{1}

by Steven C
This article is about how SQL has become the most desired skill in the IT industry in the United Kingdom. It gave different statistics on the high demand of SQL and SQL server IT jobs. It said that the highest number of permanent jobs in London belonged to web developers at 18,817, and that London was the city that had the highest number of IT jobs, at 300,626 people.

I found this article interesting because this showed me that SQL is a very valuable tool in the IT business. Gaining experience in using SQL could help me get a job in the field that I am interested in pursuing.

I am also interested in the fact that the IT industry is booming in London right now. I may consider moving there in the future because it has such good opportunities for an IT job, and I would love to experience life in London for a little while.

Katrina Suppiah, (2011, Dec. 14) MarketWire Retrieved from http://www.marketwatch.com/story/sql-the-core-it-skill-as-we-move-towards-2012-2011-12-14