Technology of Cloud Computing{2}

by Rizwan A
Technology is an amazing things, it has change through time from the way we have carried our date, from the floppy disc drive to now the USB flash drive. But now the USB drive seems to be considered out dated technology.

According to Shaikh, F.B ; Haider, S the newest form of caring around our data is not a physical devices it is now being store to the World Wide Web by using cloud computing, which in turns mean that anyone can access it anywhere at any time around the World. So for example, if a business man forgets his flash drive back in the office, he won’t have to worry about his presentation because he can retrieve the data from cloud computing. This is a big shift for the way we can understand technology and cloud computing has made it more convenient for the everyday working man or women.

However this new technology has its own issues, because the data that you are storing is going to the World Wide Web, which does not make it secured. According to the author “cloud computing is surrounded by many security issues like securing data, and examining the utilization of cloud by the cloud computing vendors” which also relates to what we studied in CIS 305 class regarding database how  sensitive the data’s are and they should be encrypted in a way with out revealing the data and also it should be revealed to only authorized parties which provides data security.

My view on this new technology is that as amazing as this cloud computing is it comes with a lot of high risk involved, which makes me believe that it is not ready for the world in today’s time. However, once the technology progress this will take us to a new era of data storage.

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