Texas Memory & DataCore collaboration for Midmarket Storage Systems{Comments Off on Texas Memory & DataCore collaboration for Midmarket Storage Systems}

by Miguel V
The article I chose to talk about is titled “Texas Memory, DataCore Team for Alternative Midmarket Storage System.” The article talks about a new colabration software developed by Texas Memory and DataCore that is designed to optimize a server by “delivering high-performance and feature-richn storage for VMware environments”. DataCore is known for providing a simple, high-availability solution that meets vSphere shared storage requirements.Vice President Carlos M. Carreras said “The software increases the speed of I/O responses by abstracting storage into idealized, virtual disks akin to virtual machines. It pools and mirrors disk blocks across available devices, despite differences in making and model”. The software was designed to take optimum advantage of VMware’s full suite of capabilities while allows nondistruptive provisioning, sharing, cloning, replications and expanding virtual disks among physical servers and virtual machines.With this software, IT managers have seen substantial performance increases by up to 200%. TMS and DataCore delivers an easy way of integrating this software with any companies exist systems in three easy steps. First, simply selecting the appropriate capacity for this applications. Second, either directly or though a fbraic to the DataCore attach the RamSan. Third, setup access policies for a virtual storage pools.

This article reflects what we have been talking about in class when dealing with cloud computing servers and how important is it to have data that is easy and quickly accessible at any and all points of the day.
I like that Texas Memory and DataCore have teamed up to create this software because it can be seen as the stepping stones to designing servers with higher capacities that in turn will provide users faster and more reliable tranfer rates of their data from a cloud server to their own computer.

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