by Rizwan A
Big Data which means a large amount of dataset. A lot of companies have been dealing with the use of big data since a very long time ago and back than it was expensive so only large companies were able to utilize these big data’s. As it is states in this article that as compute ring and storage became cheaper, and it became possible for smaller companies to harvest these data. Also it mentions the next big leap in the data world is the concept of cloud computing and with cloud computing we can use thousands of virtual computer to do the data mining for us, and not have to worry about  maintaining and initial cost of acquiring computing and storage. Google is a company that utilizes big data better than many other companies. Google also has massive amount of computing power. As virtualized computing becomes more popular, could big data technologies such as MapReduce, Hadoop, Hive, and MapReduce allows the division of worlds across servers located in different locations.


I  have never worked with big data before, but I do know that the computing power we have now is much more powerful at a really cheap costs compared to few years ago. I am sure this is great for small companies that have limited resources. On top of this there are the new cloud computing which you can rent or lease for data mining, making handling big data even more cost effect.


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