The Changing Face of the Web Development Industry{Comments Off on The Changing Face of the Web Development Industry}

by Melinda E
Web design is beginning to create its own history now. When it was a more proprietary technology it was very expensive to get a website made for a company. After 2008, the web because more open-sourced and easier to learn about. The cost to make a website went down to hire out from about $50-$400. These prices mainly come from freelancers and businesses are going to them to save money. They are usually cheaper than web design companies who have other bills and payrolls to pay so they charge more. There has been efforts to have freelancers and web design companies to collaborate, but mainly its freelancers vs. themselves. They have to offer very nice options to potential clients to reel them in. They are also split between true web programmers who code from scratch, and guys that just steal templates from online.


I wouldn’t doubt that prices have gone done because of sites like or taking over and allowing anyone to build a website. I would assume that the price you pay for a website is in direct relation to the quality you will get from it. It is good to see what kind of web design a designer knows how to do from basic HTML to crazy visuals in flash. Also some of them may be more versed in how to secure a website if someone needs an ecommerce site made.


We obviously talk a lot about programming in class, and this article was interesting to show that there really is a split between the educated and those who are just out to make money fast. Some programmers might be limited in what they can do by the language they know. Some might be limited to just design. It will always be a debate on whether a company needs to save money and sacrifice content or actually hire a company that can build anything that is possible.

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