The Power of Social Media in Advertising{Comments Off on The Power of Social Media in Advertising}

by Calvin M
A lot of companies are using social media trends, viral videos on the internet, and customer involvement in order to advertise their companies and improve on their products. Since the Internet is a resource for everyone, businesses are using the internet to research ideas for marketing and ways to incorporate the consumer to help advertise their products more. For example, Dove uses the power of viral videos to create a video about real inner-beauty, which got “almost 5.5 million views on YouTube as of early December 2007.” Dove was able to reach 5.5 million people in a short amount of time, which allowed them to reach plenty of new customers. The article also mentions how Dell and many online companies are integrating an area for customers to create reviews and comments for their products so that it helps the companies figure out what they need to improve on or change in their products to make them more desirable. According to the article, it’s hard to gauge the success of these online marketing tactics by traditional measures since many people can visit a website, but no necessarily purchase anything from them. These ways of measurement are still being refined. Social Marketing is definitely an excellent way to receive customer feedback and support, and according to this article, will shape how companies advertise for times to come.


Of course, this article was written in 2007, when social media just started to explode in popularity. Nowadays, whenever we see a new product coming out, there’s a website tagged to it, including a facebook and Twitter link. Almost everyone in the world is using social media, so it is very easy for a new product or service to be marketed by word of mouth through social media sites. It is so easy to just copy and paste, or share something on facebook, and even easier to retweet a post on Twitter. Plus, all these social media services being used are free for companies to use. I just searched for Nike on facebook, and their page has over 5 million “Likes”. They are also posting regularly about products coming out, how their athletes are doing, and sometimes they post questions to try to know their customers better. Since the people who “like” Nike can “like” and comment on Nike’s posts, the people who “like” Nike’s friends will also see all of these posts. I love the fact that social media is a free resource, and one of the best ways right now for companies to advertise their products.


A lot of e-commerce websites are using a customer rating and review section to get feedback about their products. What’s better for companies about this system, is that it’s another way to get free advertising from their customers. When 100+ customers are giving excellent ratings and reviews saying that the product they bought was awesome and everything they could hope for, it’ll make many more people want to buy that product as well. I really think companies put these public customer rating and review sections on their websites for their advertising value, and less for the feedback. Though this article was written in 2007, we can see through the article that some strategists were skeptical in social marketing, but now it is everywhere you look. Every product that comes out now has a website, has a facebook, and has a Twitter. Companies are definitely taking advantage of these free resources to their benefit.


Article Used:

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