Utilizing ASP.NET MVC In Web Development{Comments Off on Utilizing ASP.NET MVC In Web Development}

by Melinda E
ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) is a component of ASP.NET that provides functions through jQuery and helper classes. Along with other languages that are essential to learn like HTML, CSS, and Javascript, it is hard to learn in a classroom environment when time and learning is limited. If students learned just ASP.NET MVC then they could learn all these aspects at once.  The need for .NET programmers is growing. A con for teaching this technology more is that the language is widely usable on browsers and mobile devices through AJAX. The MVC components can also be programmed separately from the view, in the code behind. ASP.NET MVC includes Razor syntax which blends C# code with HTML. Teachers that want to teach this method are encouraged to create some curriculum.

This article was a great spin off of ASP.NET and the variations that can be achieved through it. It was a great explanation to what we can learn in in a classroom and a great argument to separate it out. The Razor language style is a little bit iffy to me right now because it might just be something the author likes to use and not widely used. I think it also might be a little hard if someone breezes through all the other languages in order to just make this kind of programming work. I would rather learn each language more in depth so I have many options on doing things differently. Although, I do think ASP.NET should be taught at more depth, because it is a very complicated and expansive language that has a lot to offer.


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