Watch out!{2}

Watch out!
The article that I picked to do my blog is about improving and aiding police officials in catching criminals carrying illegal things. In this article Jon Phillips, the author talks about how Raytheon teamed up with the official in creating a database involving criminals and geo-tagging to catch the perpetrator red handed. It also talks about in detail that Raytheon has created a gadget similar to a smartphone size which has a LCD screen which takes finger prints of anybody who may fit or caught breaking the law. This database allows law officers to pull up complete check up on the person. It also speeds up the process in checking the area if a culprit drops or tosses out the window by just pushing the button on the device and it tags the location. They are also working on a new system which will help officers at the scene of the crime as its happening through the business owner’s CC TV cameras only on the business owner’s discretion
I think by providing this type database related technology to law officers has given cops an upper hand on catching the perpetrators rather quickly with evidence. This article didn’t tell what they used to create the database but I think may be MySQL and it also relates to what we are doing in class and will like to follow up on this article.

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