Wix is the way to go! Sometimes{1}

by Daniel S
This week I decided to read and write about an article that would be informative and helpful to a person that does not know much about web development. This week I read an article about Wix.com. Wix.com is an online flash development platform that uses a drag and drop method that allows users to quickly and easily create flash websites. Wix can be used to create a full website or it can be used to enhance a personal profile page to better personalize its content. This type of platform is great for those who want to create a flashy personal page, but have no knowledge of the Flash program. Although Wix is very easy to handle, it is not suitable for any user that is looking to develop a business website. Since it has many flash components, it takes a lot of server space/ bandwidth to upload or download data. I got to personally use Wix.com last year to create a personal profile page for one of my classes, and it was a very easy to use type of program and, even though it does not have some of the capabilities of implementing hyperlinks and databases, it allows a novice user to create a very simple page with very basic capabilities.

We have discussed different types of programming languages to create websites, like PHP, Java, HTML coding and etc, but we have not discussed a platform that uses drag and drop methods t create a website. Like the article said, if a user is wanting to create a very simple page than wix.com would probably suffice, but if they are trying to create an e-commerce website for a business than probably a traditional programming language would work best of the flexibility and capabilities they have. I have really enjoyed reading about this article because not everyone is knowledgeable about hard coding websites, and need a simple alternative to help them create websites and this is that alternative solution. I have had previous knowledge of Wix.com, because I have used it in the past, but like the article said it is not a practical use for larger and more difficult projects.


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